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love being submissive
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My duty as a slave is to please the Master my Personal duties will include the physical/emotional needs of the Master, amusement,sexual toy/plaything, physical comfort, waiting on Master as desired and needed.Always keep the rules and commands given by Master within always show and attitude of respect at all times. Steph will always reveal her thoughts, feelings, and desires without hesitation or embarrassment.Always inform Master of my wants and perceived needs, because Master is the sole judge of whatever or how these shall be satisfied.and always strive toward maintenance of a positive self-image and development of realistic expectations and goals.

At a glance

Persionals Deatails ideal partner
Age 50 years old 39 - 70 yrs old
Location Secaucus,New Jersey,United States
Relationship status Single
Smoking habits
Nationality United States
Eye colour
Hair colour
Body type
Religion Christian � Other
Education level
Profession Other

What I'm looking for

Master, promise me I will be loved, cherished, and treasured.I will be well cared for, well treated, and, above all,I will be a treasure, valuable property that should never be injured or abused. Stephanie is a gift, and will like to be loved beyond measure !!!
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