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where is my true Love
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about me my name is Kathryn and i very much want to get a long term relationship. I am not interested in marrying simply for citizenship. I desire a deep, spiritual connection and a lifetime of love, laughter, passion, and adventure. I believe very strongly in our ability to shape our experiences. I have practiced this consciously for most of my life. Lately this is being called Law of Attraction, abundance manifestation, human revolution, magic, and all kinds of other wonderful, beautiful concepts! I'm very glad to see people actively seeking to raise their consciousness all over the globe. It's truly a wondrous time to be alive! I've been honing my dreams and visions of the future in order to step into my next great adventure and, more recently,having my profile on this sites have been milestones and some of the more obvious ways I've chosen to challenge myself.I intend to meet someone with whom I can share the joy of having an ever changing, expanding view of the universe! (And let us not forget a bit of romance!) I love philosophy, history, psychology, reading, traveling, food, music, computers, photography, meeting fellow travelers, and giving at unexpected moments with no expectations. Most of these things I enjoy on an amateur level, though I intend to make photography, travel, and philanthropy my life's work. At this time, I give in small amounts to charities, friends, and strangers (who often become my friends). I picture a future of simple living with an ample bank account and no job other than occasionally calling a broker to arrange a redistribution of funds. I envision world travel to locations both luxurious and simple, lavish and stark, in search of incredible experiences, gorgeous photography, and visiting charitable organizations who are dedicated to education, compassion, and empowerment.

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Age 43 years old 23 - 71 yrs old
Location Allentown,New Jersey,United States
Relationship status Single
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Nationality United States
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Religion Catholic
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Profession Artistic / Musical / Writer

What I'm looking for

i'm in search of an affectionate, humorous, affluent, adventurous Man of great compassion, vision, and loyalty who takes as much joy as I do in both spontaneous and planned generosity. Optimism and faith in the inner goodness of people is an inherent part of his being, as are monogamy, playfulness, and wisdom. We are both independent, yet find that the best time is time we spend together. Some things we say often are, "I love you," "You are wonderful," "You are brilliant and amazing!" and "Where shall we go next?" We completely crack each other up with our bizarre senses of humor, often breaking into great guffaws or, as the situation calls for it, secret smiles.And although I am tremendously capable of caring for myself, you adore the fact that I let you care for me, so that I feel safe, loved, and protected. (You also don't mind when I get fierce and look after you!)
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